Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today I Love A Full House!

     It's been a long busy week, preparing for Darling Daughter's graduation party.  This morning I woke up to the very nice surprise of this very nice t-shirt waiting for me on the kitchen counter with a very nice note of appreciation from that Darling Daughter.  
(She knows I would buy stock in the Life is Good company if I could!) 

This turned out to be a very prophetic t-shirt.

As we prepared for our traditional family graduation photo, taken before the Boy Man had to leave for work, we were kept inside by the wind and the rain.  Welcome to Madison County!

 And so...the t-shirt spoke, and we indeed had a VERY full house!  

There are MUCH worse problems to have than a house full of folks who love you and want to wish you well.

There are much worse problems to have than a house full of food and good friends to help you keep dishes attended to and full. 

A few people tried to brave the elements and ventured outside, but had to stay under the eaves. 

But, by and by, as will happen on a rainy day, the wind pushed the clouds away and allowed the sun to shine through after all.

More traditional photos were taken...  

with the grandparents...

 And now we are relaxing around the house, enjoying the messages that teachers, coaches, family, and friends wrote in her Oh! The Places You'll Go! book.  From Kindergarten all the way through High School, she got nuggets of wisdom from so many caring individuals.  She asked me not to repeat the "Read Aloud and Cry Like a Baby" debacle of the Boy Man's graduation, and I honored that wish, but made her promise me that she would take the time to read the words in this book on a regular basis.  There are so many wise bits in it that I hope she will remember as she travels to all those wonderful places. 

Yes, today I love a full house, 
and a full heart.


  1. I love this! It looks like you enjoy being with family! :)

    1. Thanks PLG! Yup, family time is important!

  2. Awesome poem I love being with family to.

    1. Thank you BD! I'm glad you enjoy family too. We are both pretty blessed, aren't we?