Sunday, June 2, 2013

Today I Love Hope...

Today I love hope. 

A few weeks ago I posted a bit of verse written by Emily Dickinson...
"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,
And sings the tune - - without the words,
And never stops at all."

Today my baby girl graduated from high school. 

As the tears came and went through the day I was reminded again and again how much hope I have for these young ladies and gentlemen…not only my daughter, but also these classmates of hers, many of whom I have grown quite close to over the years through either Girl Scouts, school events, sports, or teaching. 

I listened to the choir sing about "rolling down this unfamiliar road" and listened to my father-in-law hum the tune in front of me and was reminded of that bit of verse above.  I was reminded of a lot today.

I was reminded of the love, blessings, and acceptance this class showed for a member now lost, as the mother who accompanied her wheel chair bound son to school every single day through all 13 years that this class was together, and was in essence a member of their class, delivered the commencement address…through tears of her own.

I was reminded of the times they struggled, then set goals, worked hard, and succeeded. 

I was reminded of the tears they shed in grief, and the laughter they shared in celebration.

I was reminded of the hard work, the late hours, and the day to day grind that 13 years of school can be.

I was reminded of their little boy and girl smiles, tucked away and peeking out from under their eighteen year old graduation caps.

I was reminded of hope.

I not only have hopes FOR them, I have hope because of them. 

I know that our world will be a much better and brighter place because of the difference they will make. 

As they venture forward to be physical therapists, members of the military, dental hygienists, computer technicians, marine biologists, psychologists, engineers, or (be still my heart) teachers…I have hope.   They will make a difference in this world.  They will create hope.

This evening, as the day winds down, I hope that as the verse says, they will never stop singing their tune…for this dear Class of 2013 will be forever perched in my soul.

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