Sunday, March 15, 2015

Today I Love Knowing the Words - Slice of Life 2015 - Day 15

Today I love knowing the words. 


I'm the one on the right with the "What am I doing here?" look on my face.

Yesterday I tried something new. I was out of my element. I was nervous and a bit apprehensive. Peace was hard to find at first. Peace came, but it had to introduce itself to me as if it were a friend I hadn't seen for years who had somehow changed from how I remembered it looked. 


This was the first song at church this old favorite!
Today I was comforted and inspired by the familiar, the eternal, the never changing. I was calmed and soothed and peace filled my soul; wrapped its arms around me and welcomed me home. I was reminded of my calling here on this wild ride around the sun. I was challenged to look at that calling with fresh eyes. Books and stories and words; nouns and verbs, and even gerunds and participles are important, but Jesus is more important.


New is good. 
To challenge ourselves is good and healthy. 
But to know the words, 
to know the assurance of eternity...
to sort out what is best...
that is best.

Thanks, Rob Swartz, for the reminder of what is 
most important 
and for helping me 
know the words.

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