Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today I Love being SCATTER BRAINED! Slice of Life 2014 - Day 20

Thanks to the good people at Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today is Day 20 and it has been one scattered day! 


When I was a 6th grader, I asked my teacher if I could sit next to one particular, very cute, very tall, and very new to our school, young man.  

My teacher told me no.  She said she didn't want me to rub off on my new classmate.  She told me that I came into her class scatter brained and she'd be d***ed if I was going to leave that way. To her credit, I was the one who still didn't know what 8 x 7 was (56, by the way...right?) and I was the one who may or may not have been a bit on the impulsive side.  And yes, had my parents pushed for me to be tested, I most definitely would have been declared ADHD!  But scatter brained?  A bad influence? A bit harsh I do believe!

Well....umm....Mrs. H, where ever you are these days...guess what?


A few years have passed since then and now I am the one teaching Middle definition I MUST be scatter brained!  I don't do anything for any longer than 50 minutes at a time and that's a stretch.  

I teach three different Language Arts classes, one Math (that one right there would make that woman shriek in hysterical laughter!), and one History, and right now a twice a week (be still my heart) Creative Writing class.-->



Today my 8th graders were all wearing mustaches by the end of the day...but that's another whole long story.

This evening I left work,

Drove to pick up our taxes (yay refunds!),

Came home and cooked dinner (three pots on top of the stove and garlic bread in the oven all at the same time!),

Ate and cleaned up said dinner,

Danced a dance or two with The Man (used to be a family rule to dance after dinner and we are trying to reinstate it.),

Sat down to balance the checkbook,

Called friend to help with the balance of the checkbook,

Called another friend to book a Tastefully Simple show,

Paid bills after balancing checkbook,

And am just now at 11:15 sitting down to (be still my heart once again) write my slice and declare my love for being scatter brained!  

You know what?  

It works for me! 

And hey look!

There's a squirrel!  



  1. Your scatter-brained sounds more like amazingly skilled juggling! And how much do I love that you have a dance-after-dinner rule? That's beautiful. I might have to start that around here ... I live alone, and it might freak out my cats at first, but they'll adapt. Loved this slice!

    1. Thanks! I love our dance after dinner rule too! Puts the stresses of the day in perspective!

  2. But it is march you still have 8 months until Movember! (November) when you grow a mustache for people with cancer