Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today I Love giving concert advice! Slice of Life 2014 - Day 20

Thanks to the good people at Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today is Day 19, but I am writing about Day 18!  The Man bought me concert tickets for Christmas and last night was THE night!  I am no concert expert, but I had fun putting this list together.  

I actually debated not going.  A friend and co-worker lost her husband the night before and I was still reeling from that crushing news.  The more I thought about it though, the more I thought I didn't want to miss a second of any special time I could spend with my own dear Man, who took this spectacular photo!  Enjoy and feel free to add your own hints to the list!

 Top Ten Things to Remember When Attending a Concert

10. Do your research.  Know at least a few songs and lyrics so you can sing along with the rest of the crowd.

9.  Order tickets on the aisle and near the back of the floor level.  You can stand whenever you want to and not block anyone's view and you don't have to climb out over anyone else...however, you will BE climbed over...a LOT.  Sigh.

8. Plan to take the next day off of will want to sleep in!

7.   Get to the concert venue early (downtown Columbus, Ohio, in this case) so you can stroll around, see the sights, and eat at a local establishment.  This is no time for Tim Horton's!  Look around the restaurant and try figuring out who else is attending the same concert as you.

6.  Bring money for the T-shirts!  They are the softest cotton ever and they are expensive...and they are cut small.  Order the Extra Large!

5.  As soon as you arrive, scope out the restrooms...if needed, there will still be time to run down the street to some place cleaner! If you are attending a concert at The Palace in Columbus, this is not a worry.  And if you are attending a Crosby, Stills, and Nash concert like The Man and I did, AND you are a woman, you will be oh so very pleased to know that the line to the women's will be SHORTER than the line to the men's!  We were definitely on the younger edge of this crowd!

4.  Be nice to the good folks who are helping you find your seat.  Even though they do get to see the concert for free, most of them are volunteers, and they have to stand the entire time.

3.  Make conversation with the people sitting near you.  It just may be that one of them can tell you which one is Crosby, which one is Stills, and which one is Nash! 

2.  Once the concert starts, stay in your seat, unless you are simply standing to applaud and/or dance.  (See #9 above) Make sure you do a good share of people watching!  A good time was had by all at our concert and a much much much better time had by some, if you get my drift!  I do not drink or smoke, but I had a lot of fun watching those who do!

And the Number ONE thing to remember when attending a concert is....

1.  LOVE every minute!(Did you think that word WASN'T going to show up?)
             Sing! (See #10 above!)   

                  Dance! (See #2 above...give others something to watch!) 

                         Life is short, friends!  Live it well!



  1. Fantastic advice! I have avoided the concert crowd for awhile, but your #1 is the reason to go. I can tell you had an awesome time!!

  2. Are they related to Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash