Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today I Love Normal - Slice of Life 2014 - Day 23

Thanks to the good people at Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today is Day 23 of 31.  Just a normal day.




That's what I've been feeling all day today.  Just meh.  I've posted a few times this week about a coworker friend whose husband died very unexpectedly a week ago tomorrow.  All week I've been trying as hard as I can to wrap my head around how this sweet young mom of two teeny boys is supposed to regain any sense of "normal".  


It's been just long enough since my own world has been rocked in any major way for me to forget...that is until I really think about it, as I have been all week...that you don't regain normal in 5 easy steps.  It will be a long process that will cycle and circle around and back on itself many times over before she finds some type of normal that will be all new to her.  Her old normal will not return. Her mornings will be a ripping off of the scab that formed overnight. I am trying to break away from my "meh", quit whining, and celebrate my own normal and the tiny normal things there are to be appreciated here on the prairie.


Yesterday I was thrilled to get a package in the mail.  Today I was thrilled to be able to prepare TWO packages to go out in the mail tomorrow.   

We did some excavating today and discovered a shoe rack in our closet!  I went so far as to give places of honor to the sandals, while not quite putting the snow boots away, as that would jinx us all for sure!  


There was a chicken and noodle casserole for dinner.  The Man declared it "rib shtickin!"  (Translation:  He liked it!)  There will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  He will go to work and I will go work in my classroom and we will come home and there will still be chicken casserole in our fridge.

There are dirty dishes in our dishwasher waiting for me to add soap, push buttons, and close the door.  We will fall asleep to the swishing and whooshing sounds and when we wake up there will magically be clean plates and cups for us.  

There are clean sheets on my bed and flannel and fleece quilts to warm me up.  There are clean jammies folded and waiting on me.  I will cuddle under the layers and read my book for a bit before it hits me in the nose as I fall asleep.



Simple things, the stuff of normal.  


Things not to be missed.  


Today I love normal...and pray it will come quickly to my friend.

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