Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today I Love the view from dinner - Slice of Life 2014 Day 11

Thanks to the good folks at Two Writing Teachers for challenging me (and my students) to write every day during the month of March for the Slice of Life Story Challenge.
In our empty nested-ness, The Man and I have...sigh...taken to eating dinner in the family room...double sigh...in front of the TV many nights.  
Tonight something interesting happened.  The cable went out...just as we were sitting down to eat.
I had already noticed the view...I always notice the view...I love our view...but, with the TV off, we talked a bit more than normal, and I paid a bit more attention to that view.  
As I waxed poetic yesterday, I appreciated all of the various visions of the prairie where I live.  (Shhhh....I realize this isn't really the prairie, but a simple country road.  Please don't make me admit to it in public...I love the idea of living on the prairie, like my friends Laura and Mary.)

Today, I just appreciated the pure and simple view of my little section of the prairie.  The way the sun puts the tree into silhouette, the way the sky stretches out so far, the way the clouds race each other to see who can touch the sun first.  

What about you, friends?  Are you appreciating the unique aspects of your little corner of the world?  I am a sheltered homebody and have not lived in big cities or exotic places, but I like to think that I could, as My Ol' Man taught me by example, find something to love no matter where I was.  

Today it was the view from dinner.

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  1. Tricia,
    I had to smile when I saw your picture. Our views are very similar. I think it is safe to call it "the prairie." This evening, I went out to the patio to write. The cat jumped up on the table beside me. I watched the ball of a sun slowly come to rest on the horizon. It sat there for awhile. I watched it. It watched me. When it started to disappear I started to get cold so I went inside.

    Thanks for reminding me, once again, of the wonderful gift of our view.