Friday, March 21, 2014

Today I love Rap? Well...Today I Do! Slice of Life 2014 - Day 21

Thanks to the good people at Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Today is Day 21 of 31 for this challenge, but it's somewhere around 640something since I started this Today I Love business.  While I never know what will present itself during the day to be loved, I sure never ever ever thought I'd be saying I love Rap music! 

Got a text from my Running Girl today
"Go listen to the song 
I'm Alright by Jake Miller
I know it's not really your style,
but listen to the lyrics!"

I hesitated.  Rap really isn't my style.
I pondered.  Rap really really isn't my style.
I wondered.  She knows rap really really really isn't my style.
But something in her text gave me pause.
She had a reason for sending this my way.
I googled.

So should you.

And now I've been humming all evening long...

"I got life, I got love
I got faith and that's enough
We feel sorrow, we feel pain
But there's sunshine after rain
So I'm alright (you'll be fine, take it one day at a time)
So I'm alright (said you'll be fine, take it one day at a time)"

It's been an 
The sudden 
news of the
death of a co-worker's husband.
The end of the grading period.
Endless errands and tasks.
A break in the middle, 
but right back at it the next day.
The world still spinning
even when we wish 
we hope
we pray
it would stop for a bit
or at least slow down
long enough 
for us to 
catch our breath

But Jake is right...

I'm alright.
(You'll be fine, take it one day at a time)

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  1. Love this! Running girl is very smart. She seemed to know just what you needed. It sounds like it has been a tough week, but I you've fought through it --- and now spring break!