Saturday, March 29, 2014

Today I Love the Human Touch - Slice of Life 2014 - Day 29

Thanks to the good people at Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Today is Day 29 of 31.  As we near the end of this month long foray into technological connections, it is dawning on me more and more each day how important the human connection is as well.

Today I Love the Human Touch
     It was Crafty Day at our church again today.  We've decided, a few of us, to get together once every couple of months to feed our inner muses and sew or scrapbook, knit or crochet.  We explore the gifts God has given each of us and try to create something beautiful for others.  We bring a snack or two to share, we chit chat, we listen to music, we take a break from everyday obligations, and a good time is generally had by all.  
     Unfortunately for me, Ruler of the Queendom of Procrastination that I am, today my crafting consisted of crafting answers and responses to my students' papers.  One of these days I will really will get my act together and go back to working on Running Girl's scrapbook, or begin to put together that quilt for which I have purchased all of the block kits, or maybe even make some hand made cards with all of those rubber stamps I purchased a few years back.  But today I was trying to beat the grade card deadline.  Today I was a bit...well...I was whining...a lot.  I sighed.  I harumphed.  I grumbled under and over my breath.  I was basically not fit for human consumption.  
       So in this "not fit for human consumption" 
state that was being exhibited today, I happened to mention that we should consider inviting someone to come next time and do neck and back massages for us.  We all laughed about that possibility, but it wasn't 15 minutes later that dear, sweet Andrea took a break from her beautiful knitting and snuck up behind me to begin working out the knots in my sore shoulders!  Andrea is a piano player and that girl has some strong thumbs!  My head thumped down of its own accord and I was jello!  I'm telling you, the girl turned my whole day around!  
     There is a lot in my life right now that revolves around technology.  Blogging, "iPadding" (oh yes, I will make up my own words!), recording grades and lesson plans, texting, emailing, and yes....gasp!...Facebooking.  There is maybe too much in my life right now that revolves around technology.  Today I was reminded how much of a difference the human touch can make.  I've never NOT known that, but it is, at times, good to be reminded.  Andrea took a break from her priorities and put my needs ahead of her own.  
A long time ago 
I read some research 
that said we needed 
four hugs a day just to survive.  
Just to survive.  
I say, 
let's help each other 
Reach out today, friends.  
Lay a hand on a shoulder, 
pat a back, 
grasp a handshake 
with both of yours, 
give a hug when you can. 
Be the human touch. 
You just might
make someone's day.

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