Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Today I love a good pampering...Slice of Life 2014 Day 5

Yesterday was a tough day; 
today made up for it! 
Today I love a good pampering! 
I don't do it very often, 
but pulled out all the stops on this one!
 I allowed myself to sleep in a few blissful extra minutes. 
I absolutely refused to let myself 
stress over anything, 
and I topped it off with a trip to get a mani-pedi 
(complete with massage chair!) 
with my Running Girl!  
And now, 
the icing on the cake, 
a sweet short slice! 
Every so often I will allow myself to say 
"'Nough said"
...and today dear friends,
that most certainly is 
'nough said! 


  1. Fun! Next week we have conferences followed by a day off on Friday. I plan to do some much needed pampering that day! Sometimes it's hard to remember that we need time too.

  2. Yes it is! Believe me, I'm not good at taking care of myself in this way but I'm trying to be better - enjoy your day off!