Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today I Love Secret Spy S'more Missions - Slice of Life 2014 Day 6

One of the things I am challenging myself with during this year's Slice of Life Challenge is to write some more poetry...My friend Cathy is good at poetry...I am not very good at poetry.  I think most of the time I am simply centering the words on the page and hoping it LOOKS like a poem even if it doesn't SOUND like one! Be that as it's what 8th grade was up to this morning!  Be kind...

Have you ever tried to be sneaky?

Have you ever tried to be sneaky 


twenty three

 8th graders in tow?

Let me tell you, it's a bit of a challenge!

A representative from a local high school visited yesterday
 and left a goodie bag for my 8th grade students
with pencils and a s'more kit inside!

What a nice gesture!
We had a bit of free time in our morning today,
so we took a 
 down to the kitchen

Aw man!  My graham cracker broke!

You notice the size difference at 8th grade!

Don't forget which one is yours!

to put the
and chocolate
and marshmallows
 on a baking sheet and
 them into the oven.

The girls had guard duty at the door...

practicing their Charlie's Angels pose. 
(Although, I don’t think they know who Charlie’s Angels are...
and I am fine with that!)

Of course, 
 had to turn the lights
at some point 
in the process

causing all kinds of
We had a great time…
And I hope we have…



  1. Fun, great way to tell the story!

  2. Thanks! I struggled for a slice today, but we really did have fun with this unexpected treat!

  3. What a clever post. I really enjoyed your poem--and it truly is poetry. That's the great thing about poetry--you really don't have to follow any rules. Your words made me feel like I went on a S'mores journey too (minus the calories). ;-)

  4. What a way to transform a slice! It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I bet your students remember today for a long time to come.