Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today I Love Coming Home...and Running Girl!


It has been a long, long day.

A day filled with such evil terms as



"doctor's office"




"user name"



(Those last two are the absolute BANE of my existence!)

But fear not, dear friends!

Running Girl is home!

Running Girl, whose laugh is contagious!

Running Girl, who can light up the room with her smile!

Running Girl, who can bake a layer cake and clean up after herself!

Running Girl, who lets me read my silly posts to her before I hit that dreaded orange "publish" button!

Running Girl, who bakes Monkey Bread Muffins, making up her own recipe, and then doesn't eat any of them!

Running Girl, who had dinner bubbling and boiling away as I walked in the door after this long, long day!

Ahhhh....Today I Love coming home...and my Running Girl!


  1. There is something special about coming home to the people you love. Good or bad day--home sweet home! I love how you began the poem with short unhappy phrases and then blossomed into happiness. ;-)

  2. I enjoyed your poem. I can totally relate!