Monday, March 3, 2014

Today I Love the call...and proof that I am loved. Slice of Life 2014 Day 3

This is a scattered, crumbly slice today.  Maybe it is a bit of dry muffin instead of pie or pizza.  Maybe as I write the crumbs will come together...

This morning I continued my fight against the Dark Winter by starting off with a bit o' the Bible...Priscilla Shirer's Gideon: Your Weakness, God's Strength to be exact.  As I was stifling yawns, holding my workbook with one hand, and petting the dog with the other, I came across this little gem.  I had just finished reading about Gideon being clothed in the power of the Holy Spirit...

"Accessing the power within you is as simple as prayerfully asking God to unleash it into your experience - day by day, moment by moment - ...
...He releases power to you throughout the moments of your day.  As you remain obedient and dependent on Him, you will experience 
the effects of power-filled living." 
(Shirer, p. 90)

I was immediately reminded of the wandering Israelites and their daily quest for manna, the bread of heaven that God provided each and every morning for their forty years in the wilderness.  They were to take only enough for one day...if they took more it would spoil.  God provided for them each and every day...hmm.  These are the words of prayer I scribbled in my margin, "Yes, yes, and yes - this is what I want today, Lord.  Especially after a night of not much sleep - please allow me to operate on your power today!"

I rose from my study, popped an email out to my Bible study chicks to let them know what I had found and dove into my day...

~Caught a break first thing this morning that allowed me to get several overdue tasks accomplished.
~Got some much needed help from a techie friend in getting my 7th graders all "blogged" up...or most of them anyway.
~Jotted a note on my hand to remember to make a phone call...and was reminded to call on God!  (The accidental usage of permanent ink will keep me reminded for a few more days!)
~Broke down and did Language Arts with 6th grade before History...none of us could stand the wait to talk about our slicing!
~Stole a bit more time with my 6th grade during history to sneak in a few more comments about blogging...showed them the great work a friend is doing with her first graders.  (They were duly impressed!)
~Enjoyed doling out the first of the $25 worth of stickers and charts that I bought this weekend to help all my kiddos keep track of their slicing progress. Newsflash...middle school students will do pretty much anything for stickers!  Direct quote from an 8th grade boy, "I'm just in it for the stickers."
~Stuck around after school to do some T25 with my exercise chicks...some of the same Bible study chicks!  Love those girls!
~Survived said T25 and did not cry once...please do not ask about last Friday's T25 experience.
~Made it to my car to find this note on my windshield..." ♥ YOU!  MAMA"  I knew immediately this was from my friend down the road who often fills the missing Mama role in my life.
~Made it through the grocery store without eating anything and everything...although the thought crossed my mind!
~Finally home...and monkey bread muffins awaited!  (Did I tell you Running Girl is home & on a baking spree?)
~Dinner with The Man and guess who did the dishes so I could get my slice done?  I say it again...I married so well!
~A few tasks remain and I still have a bit of energy left...and because of the T25 I also have a few calories left to have one more of those monkey bread muffins before bed!

There you have it, friends, the most power filled day I have had in quite some time.  God is so faithful!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  Today I love the call...and several reminders that I am loved...and isn't that really what we all need?  In case no one has told you today...hear it from are loved!  Now pass it on!

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