Saturday, March 9, 2013

Anticipation: Slice of Life 9 of 31

Today I love anticipation.  I loved anticipation back in October, but this anticipation is different.  Then I was excited for myself; going somewhere exciting.  Today I was excited for my daughter; for finally doing something she worked very hard for.

On June 1, my darling daughter and 3 of her track team mates placed 11th running a slow time on a cold day in the 4 X 200 meter the state championship. 

On September 15, my darling daughter tore her ACL...her second ACL...playing soccer.  

On September 16, she started her recovery.  She worked out before she really could by working the other leg, she kept strong, she kept her spirits up.  She never lost hope that she'd still be able to run track this, her senior year. 

On October 5, she had ACL reconstruction surgery...her second ACL reconstruction surgery.  She followed every direction of the doctor and the physical therapist, she decided she wanted to BE a physical therapist, and she continued her recovery. 

And today, March 9, she ran again.  

I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to watch her run until today.  I didn't realize how very hard she's worked until today.  She's kept a job, kept caught up with school for the most part, and regained everything she thought she had lost last September.  It wasn't a perfect run...she wasn't the only one recovering from injury today...but it was a beautiful run.  

It was a beautiful run.  

I jotted a few thoughts from the stands as I I anticipated seeing her run again.   

Last first meet
Warmed up
Stretched out
Was there enough time?
Did the physical therapy work?
Listening to the other 
And dads
Her turn to run

First run

Last first run

First call
Second call
Third and final call
Will it be enough?
What is enough?
Isn't recovering from
The surgeon's blade
Five short months
Five long months?
How long is 
long enough?


  1. I can feel the tension in your writing. I hope she has a wonderful season!

    1. Thanks Lori! They did well today and will continue to do well as outdoor season starts, but yes, the tension was definitely there today!

  2. I feel your anticipation as a mom. I had some of those same questions racing through my mind as you wrote about her running again after surgery. What a brave and persistent girl. What a hard worker and dedicated runner and athlete. What a proud mom!