Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today I Love Laura Lou! Slice of Life 27 of 31

      It is birthday season in my family!  From the middle of March to the end of June, we have TEN birthdays to celebrate!  I am looking forward to our annual Spring Birthday Party, yet to be scheduled for this year.  This is the whole lot of the birthday crew from two years ago, before birthday girl #10 was even born yet!  
      Well, those other birthday folks will have to wait today, because today it is the birthday of my eldest niece, Laura.  I remember clearly when she was a teeny tot...she used to chew on my shoes!  I think I remember a bit of rhyme I stitched  into a sampler that I'm sure has been relegated to a back closet somewhere: 
      "Laura's got my shoe,
       She's tearing it to pieces,
       But I don't even care,
       She's one of my two nieces!"

(Give me a break, I was just a freshman in high school at the time!)

This is a photo of sweet little 6 year old flower girl Laura at our wedding.
What a cutie pie!  She practiced for days ahead of time tossing flower petals out in her back yard...only to forget to toss a single one on the day of the wedding!
      Today she is a strong young woman, making her way in the world, creating a loving home for her family, and helping those around her as she is able.  She is writing a book that I can NOT wait to see in print!  I'll be able to say I knew her when! 
      Today I love my niece, Laura.  
      Happy Birthday, Laura Lou! 

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  1. Thanks Aunt Tricia :-) I remember walking up and down our long sidewalk, aka my practice wedding aisle, dropping little pieces of paper I cut up myself. Can't believe after all that practice I froze up and forgot to drop the real petals. What a beautiful day that was!