Monday, March 25, 2013

Today I Love My Sister, Slick...Slice of Life 25 of 31

Be glad there are TWO fingers showing behind my head!
Today I love my big sister, Vicki!  It's her birthday and I have been  thinking about her all day!  She's something special, my sister.  As my daughter says, there's never a dull moment when Aunt Vicki is around.  She livens things up and reminds you that there's always some new challenge waiting to be tackled.  Whether it's raising kids, teaching kids, traveling to tropical islands, dancing to the zumba beat, playing "the strip game" (NOT what you think it is!), or just hanging out on the beach, she's the life of the party.  

       I've told her many times that she reminds me very much of the frog in an old story that I happened across in the Katherine Paterson novel, Lyddie. In the novel, Lyddie is taken under the wing of Triphena, the tavern cook, who tells her the story of two frogs who fell into a pail of milk.  One of the frogs drowned immediately, overwhelmed by the circumstances in which it found itself.  The other frog kicked so hard it made a pat of butter by morning.  "Some folks are natural born kickers," says Triphena, referring to Lyddie.  
A beachside birthday present for her granddaughter.
      I don't think my sister is a NATURAL born kicker.  I think for a very long time, she would have much rather had someone else do her kicking for her.  But, as happens sometimes...she one day found herself all alone in a pail of cream.  I must say, these many years since that first unexpected dunking, she's sitting on butter!  Today she is a proud mother of three, grandmother of one, Nationally Board Certified Teacher with her Master's Degree, who (shivvvver!) teaches preschoolers!  (On purpose!  And loves it!)  And today I love her!  
The Edisto Island Straw Pit Symphony, 2011.
 Happy Birthday, Slick!


  1. I hope you share this with your sister. It is clear how much you love her when you read this post.

  2. How fun to hear more about your sister. She sounds like a fabulous person. I'd love to hear more about how the two of you came up with those nicknames. Happy birthday, Trish's sister!

  3. What a lovely tribute to your sister. I hope you share it with her. Love the analogy to the frog - such a great image.