Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today I Love Dinner at the Waffle House! Slice of Life 14 of 31

Some things we just have
 to learn the hard way!

It's been one of those weeks when life has exhibited its well known habit of sneaking up from behind and smacking me in the head.  Not really painful smacks...just enough to get my attention...several times!  As the Man and I enjoyed our dinner out tonight, I thought back over the week and the things I've written (and a few I've not written but thought about a lot!) this week.  Hindsight being 20/20, I can see that I've learned these few simple, yet important lessons:

1. Never, ever, ever, ever waste a sunny day.  When the sun shines, get out in it for as long as you can.  You would think I should  already know that, having lived in Ohio all my life, but no, I subscribe to the "learn things the hard way and then forget the lesson so you can learn it all over again" school of hard knocks!
2. When you don't recognize the phone number, sometimes it pays to answer it.  A few days ago a former student made my day with an unexpected phone call.  
3. I was evidently separated at birth from a group of like minded siblings  that call themselves The Nerdy Book Club.  I am working on setting up a family reunion soon.  (This one's for you, Cathy, and I didn't really learn it the hard way...I'm just being slow.)  
4. I need more sleep. 'Nough said there.
5. Look for smiley faces where ever you are and when ever you can.  It's amazing how often you can find them and they really do brighten up your day!

 At breakfast!
During a break!
 In the "wilderness"!
 In the hallway!
Just about anywhere!
6.  It also pays to pass out a few smiles as you go...that makes a difference for others!  Even on my grumpifiediest day this week, it never failed that there was someone out there willing to give me a smile...and I couldn't help but smile back!
7.  Hate to put a negative item here, but I really, really, really, dislike participles, infinitives, and gerunds (those secret agent verbs that pose as other parts of speech in order to befuddle teachers and confuse 14 year olds)...don't ask.  It's a long painful story involving 19 eighth graders and lots of hair pulling.
8.  I must seek to find the positive in negatives whenever possible.  (Hmmm, let's see.  I only have to teach participles, infinitives, and gerunds to one grade level and not all three!  Does that count?)
9.  I still need more sleep!
10.  Never, ever, ever, ever, pass up the opportunity to go to The Waffle House!  Over tonight's impromptu dinner celebrating the teeny tiny tax refund that came in the mail, The Man and I decided on a possible road trip this summer!  Woo hoo!  



  1. I love your list. The pictures of the different smiles made me smile! Keep being so positive.

    1. Thanks Caroline! Glad to pass some smiles out! (I loved your fuzzy slippers post which also made me we are even!)