Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today I Love Playing My Game, My Way...Slice of Life 19 of 31

     I debated what to call today's love.  I've gone from "Today I love being slap happy" (The Man and I were giggling at the silliest things this morning!) to "Today I love laughing" (I decided to tell the story about what we were giggling about to my 7th graders, to whom I have been very grumpy lately...it made them laugh, too!) to "Today I love Kid Snippets" (We stretched Bible class today into a lesson on Proverbs 17:22 and there's nothing that makes my 7th graders more cheerful than Kid Snippets!) to finally...this:  Today I love playing my game, my way.  This whole Today I Love thing is my baby.  I wasn't forced into it...I challenge myself to look for something positive, something that I love in each day.  As of today, I've been at it for 326 (mostly in a row) days now and I've tried very very hard not to repeat anything, with the exception of The Man, because, well, he's just so lovable!   
     ANYWAY...today was a long day.  It was picture day so the schedule got thrown off.  There was the bank on the way home, then dinner, then a meeting, but an errand, no wait, two errands before the meeting and one errand after the meeting.  There is still a lot left to do today, but not a lot of hours left in which to get it done.  Grade cards are coming and the mountain of ungraded papers that always seems to crop up right before that deadline.  Spring Break is around the corner and I really really really don't want to be grading papers over Spring Break.  As I type this, the dishes are being done by that wonderful Man of mine, and he's also put in a load of laundry tonight as well. (See what I mean by him being just so lovable?)
     So, today I break my own rule and play my game my way.  I was blessed with another handwritten letter from THE Letter Writer Extraordinaire, My Aunt AnnaMarie in Kansas today, and by golly...I love it!  Bless her heart, she was sitting out there thinking she had made me mad because I've been so remiss in writing her back after her many missives to me. Sigh...nothing could be further from the truth!  But she also tells me that she understands being busy with a husband, kids, and a career and she remembers being there herself at one time.  Thank you Aunt Anna Marie, for the letter, for the understanding, and for giving me just what I needed in the midst of a busy day...something to love AGAIN!  

(And thank you cousin Cindy for printing this off for her as I know you will!)


  1. Trish,
    I love your game. I'm so glad you let us all play along. It would be one thing to tuck these loves away in a notebook to smile about here and there in the years to come, but it's quite another to put them out there for the rest of us to enjoy. Your game always reminds me to stay on my game and remember all I have to be thankful for. To be cliche, it's a wonderful life. You always remind me of the small pieces I just take for granted.

    Can I say "HI" to Aunt AnnaMarie? Life does get busy, but there's nothing better than a handwritten letter in the mail.


  2. Awww...thanks for the kind words Cathy! I really appreciate them! And yes, just go ahead & consider yourself adopted by Aunt AnnaMarie. If I give her your address she'd most likely and most gladly be sending you a handwritten letter as well! :)