Monday, March 4, 2013

Never thought I'd love this...Slice of Life 4 of 31

     I've had so much fun reading and commenting on others' posts today that now I am running out of time and I had better just get this particular confession of love off my chest!
     I never thought I'd be saying this...but today I love...oh, it's really hard to say.  I fought it for so long.  I really didn't want to even go there.  I really wanted to go be Amish...really!  Okay, maybe not totally Amish...but...I really didn't want to love THIS!  And now I do.  I have to admit it.  And if I'm ever going to get that BALANCE that I talked about wanting and needing so badly the other day, I've also got to figure out a way not to love it so much. guessed it...I love my SMART phone. Ouch!  That hurts to even type, let alone say aloud!  I'm really, really, REALLY not a techie girl!  Just ask my friend and fellow slicer, Cathy who had to hold my hand like a baby just to get this whole blog thing going!  I'm very much a pencil and paper girl.  I read real books that bonk me in the face when I fall asleep with them at night.  I send real handwritten letters in the mail, and I absolutely ADORE getting real handwritten letters back!  I have at least 6 Writer's Notebooks on my shelf at school and over 10 spiral bound prayer journals hidden here at home where only my friend Kelly can find them in the unlikely case of my demise.  (She has the duty of deciding when to release them to my family!)  I do pay my bills online, but our budget sheet is still added up with a calculator.  The idea of a spreadsheet terrifies me!   

      So, you see then, how very hard it is for me to say that I love starting the day by reading my Bible, I love cruising the web when I have a spare moment, I love checking my bank balance, I love (ooh, I really hate to say these two!) playing Words with Friends and SongPop, even though I'm really bad at both!  I love taking pictures and I love googling random facts so that I can know the answer to the Final Jeopardy question.  I love getting and sending just because texts to and from The Man throughout the day.  I love knowing before the TV station does that there will be a snow day because I got the text first!  

     I know that I don't even use half of the features I could on my phone, but this week in particular, I have loved my SMART phone for allowing me to read the slices of life that everyone has been posting.  Tonight, I read two chapters in Jensen's story, Someday, and now I can't wait until tomorrow to see what happens next!  I got to attend a school assembly with Charlie and hear about Mrs. Smith's Big Words.  Sad to say, but my Writer's Notebook, as wonderful and fantastic as it is, has never allowed me to time travel to be inside someone else's Writer's Notebook.  

     I know also that The Man, as excited as he is to finally see me really writing, would rather put that phone in the freezer from time to time.  So...I keep after that ever elusive BALANCE word, I finish this post so I can get to some paper grading, and I get to bed on time!  You I can read my Bible when I get up in the morning! 


  1. The phone does indeed sound Smart. I feel so behind the times with my basic Blackberry phone that doesn't even have internet access. I think you are right on about all the balance stuff.

  2. Last fall I finally traded my old phone for the new iphone. I didn't think I would like the phone or use many of its features, but I LOVE my phone!!! I can't imagine not using it many times throughout the day.

  3. Sometimes I stop and remember when we had no Smart phones...cell phones...walk about phones...when we had party lines...yes, I'm that old to fact, we had a hand crank phone in an old farm house...two longs and a short was our ring! But...even though those were fun times...I am still glad for my iPhone. I love your post.

  4. Trish,
    I enjoy reading your writing. There's something about its cadence and rhythm that makes your words just flow on the page. I like the way you made us wait a bit to find out what you don't want to admit you love. I had to laugh when I discovered it was your smart phone. I love mine too --- wait, you probably knew that.

    I think you may be more techie than you realize.


  5. OMGosh! I wish I would have had the creativity to come up with this post, because I SERIOUSLY think you were writing FOR ME. My words EXACTLY. I laughed. I cringed. I nodded. I loved it! :)