Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today I love it when my students make me cry! Slice of Life 12 of 31

Today I love it when my students make me cry!  I know what you're thinking...what?!  Bad day?  Again?  Two bad days in a row?  Oh no... 
But it wasn't like that at all, and I'm guess a few of you teachers out there enjoy this type of sob fest as well!
I recently finished reading Pictures of Hollis Woods with my 7th grade homeroom class.  I assigned an end of the book project asking them to choose an event from their own lives that they wanted to make sure they never forgot.  Then they needed to draw the picture of the event (not a big grade there as I am not an art teacher) and more importantly, WRITE about the event, following the pattern that Patricia Reilly Giff sets up for us in the book.  They needed to tell about the emotions they experienced, the colors they would use to express those emotions, and include the DETAILS that would allow us all to be right there with them at the time. 
     Well, we started sharing these today, and my oh my...my oh my. 
Let me just say it one more time...my oh my.  
Dylan literally had me struggling to keep my composure by the time he was done reading.  I asked (and got!) his permission to share a bit with you.  Is it cheating to let my students write for me some days?  My class isn't slicing, but boy this is one delicious slice! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"On the day of November 22 a baby was born.  My best friend was born...His name was Derek.  He was a chubby but cute baby. I brought him a present when he was born, now he sleeps with it every night.  What I gave him was my favorite blanket.  I still remember my big brother, Coty, coming to me and telling me we were going to meet Derek at the hospital.  So, I grabbed my favorite blanket and stuffed it in a tissue box.  When I gave it to him he started to snuggle it, it made me feel good inside.
Eight years later, I love him still, but he gets annoying fast.  He and I have some of the same interests...   ...My brother worries a lot about his family, he is very protective.  When he grows up he'll become something awesome.
He may come to [school] next year with me, which would be awesome!  But right now he goes to [another school].  It's a nice small school, you feel warm to go there.  I went there and loved it.  Derek is in the 2nd grade and is already developing the traits of a generous leader.  One time he wanted to give all his money, he had saved to a person in need.  I don't know of very many kids who would give away $100 to a stranger.
In the end, I would never trade Derek for anything.  He is too nice, funny and smart.  When he grows up he will probably invent something to help people.  This kid is my most favorite person in the world.  I am very proud to say that he is my brother."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You know the best part of this whole slice today?  I get to keep Dylan for 8th grade homeroom and reading AND Language Arts next year...and in a few years, I'll have Derek as well!  Wahoooooooo! 

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  1. Aren't kids amazing. I can only imagine what Dylan's mom will think when she reads it. What a wonderful piece!