Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today I Love a Sunset Walk...Slice of Life 23 of 31

The Man photo bombed my sunset!
  The Man and I went for a quick walk this evening, trying to talk the sun into sticking around a while longer.  Alas, as much as we begged, pleaded, and slipped silently beyond the horizon, on its way to warm some lucky folks west of here.  We did hear some Canadian geese in the fields.  We couldn't see them, but The Man has sharp eyes and soon enough he saw what caused their ruckus.  Three dark spots on the edge of the farmer's field...coyotes.  We waited to see if the coyotes could convince the sun not to go, but they didn't have any luck either.  The weather folks are calling for more snow...6-12 inches of snow.  The thought seems unfathomable to me on this spring-like day.  I know soon enough we'll all be whining about the heat and humidity and wishing for a bitter cold snowy day...but not today.  Probably not tomorrow.  Probably not the next day either.
      I awoke this morning to news that a former student of mine was killed in a car accident last night.  Logan was a long ago former student in a teeny tiny classroom in which I was a long term, then permanent, sub...but I remember him and his sweet spirit.  I remember making cookies with his class.  I remember him getting so flustered because he got a piece of egg shell in the dough.  I don't think his seven year old little boy self had ever cracked an egg before.  I remember telling him it would be okay...we'd pick it out.  I remember that he was a wonderfully talented soccer player.  
      And then...he wasn't in my life anymore.  That happens...folks pop in and pop out...but I still knew he was out there.  Just like I know the rest of them, the oh...let's see...20 years teaching...average of 25 or so kids per 500 other students I've had are all out there somewhere.  They come in the door, we spend our 180 days together, and then they pop back out again.  Sometimes they visit.  Sometimes you get an invitation to a graduation or a wedding.  And yes, I've gotten news like this before, but you're really not supposed to get news like this as a teacher.  It always amazes me when a student thinks I won't remember them.  I may not remember their name right away, but oh, I do remember them. 
      I guess this is truly a Slice of Life story, because that's how this day...this 12 or 14 hour slice of my life has been.  Eat breakfast, think of Logan, take a shower, remember Logan, get this job accomplished, picture Logan's face, run that errand, smile at precious seven year old Logan in my mind's eye.  Text my daughter, tell her I love her.  Tell her to be careful driving.  Wonder what eighteen year old handsome Logan must have looked like.  Go for a walk with My Man...remember Logan.   
I love the way the sun hides behind this tree.
      There have been some pretty long days for me this past week or two, but the year is going by all too quickly and well, itself is just too much like this sunset...slipping away much too quickly.  Today, I love our prairie sunset and my walk with My Man...and my long ago time with Logan.
I have photos of this fence in all seasons...a common stopping point on our walks.
Going, going....gone!


  1. Loved reading this. Very sweet, thoughtful slice. So sad when the sun goes down on a young life. It's news a teacher hopes never to hear. Even though they pop out of our classrooms, they take a tiny piece of our heart with them. So sorry for your loss.

  2. News of a student's death is never what a teacher wants to hear. I'm sorry for the loss of Logan. Your memories of him share a picture of a sweet boy.

  3. Sorry to hear about Logan. It is never easy to hear about the passing of any young person, but it is compounded when it is someone we've had in our classroom, our life, our heart.

    This was a powerful line: this is truly a Slice of Life story, because that's how this day...this 12 or 14 hour slice of my life has been. Eat breakfast, think of Logan, take a shower, remember Logan, get this job accomplished, picture Logan's face...

    I'm sure he will be on your mind.
    Take care,

  4. Just read this post. Makes me so sad. And as a mom of two teenage boy drivers, so afraid at how quickly life can change. Praying that his family is somehow finding comfort!