Thursday, March 21, 2013

Today I Love History! Slice of Life 21 of 31

Do I hear 35?  Cheri doing what she loves!
Today I love history!  The Man and I spent part of the evening at the Auction House!  Back in July, I posted (on FB...I haven't archived yet) about the The Gallery of London Auction House on Historic Rt. 40 right across from The Red Brick Tavern.  We will every so often pop up the road on a Thursday night, all 2 miles away that it is, to see what's for sale.  This week we did quite well, coming home with a new to us stove and a chance encounter with some hometown history.  

     The Gallery does many estate sales.  They will load up various items from someone's home and bring them to the auction house for sale.  You have heard the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."  I've never seen it so accurately portrayed as at the lovely little auction house.  Imagine my surprise tonight as I was sifting through a box of bits and pieces of someone else's life, and came across these treasures!

     These are newspapers from my dear hometown of Granville, Ohio, dated 1905, 1900, and 1893...1893!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  To top it off, I overheard the gentleman beside me as he was talking to someone near him.  "That's where I'm from," he said.  
    I turned to him and said, "You're from Granville?  I'm from Granville!"  Turns out he graduated about six years after me and his dad lives right across the street from My Ol' Man!  Small small world...
     I tucked the papers under the other items in the box and waited patiently to bid on them, hoping no one else would be interested.  When the time came, sure enough, someone else out bid me!  But I've played this game before.  I trotted over to the other side of the table and asked my fellow bidder if he really wanted those old papers in the bottom of the box.  He gladly gave them to me for the hefty price of one dollar!  What a deal!
    We've had many adventures at the Gallery, from a car for our son, to an artificial Christmas tree, to an entire set of drinking glasses, to a kitchen table and chairs!  The folks up there are so nice...especially when someone accidentally bids against her husband!  (Not that I would do that, just if someone would...)
     I decided to take a photo tour this evening to show you just what you may find at the Gallery.  Enjoy!

Barbie bits and pieces...

Someone's babies...

Bunny bits and pieces...
 Sometimes there are
sad pieces 
at the auction...
bits and pieces
of forgotten history...
So very very tempted to buy this for a friend, but it quickly went out of our price range!

There's something for everyone...even those who are "Horse Crazy"...look closely at that mirror! 

Patriotism abounds!

There are good bits of wisdom to be had at the polite, it never hurts to ask a question, and do NOT wave your hands in the air if you aren't bidding!
You just never know WHO will show up at the auction!  Go Bucks!


  1. Trica, Thanks so much for the wonderful article!! We love having you at our Auctions!
    It was nice talking to you about Outville, OH.
    Take care,

    1. Oh Cheri! I totally meant to include the part about us both being familiar with Outville and I forgot! What a small world it really is!